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■Karatsunmon dayori

August 4th, 2010

The night view of Karatsu City from Kagami Mt.

This is the 46th newsletter Karatsunmondayori issued by Karatsu Tourism Association.
We provide you events・sightseeing info of Karatsu City.


Special Features:the spectacular view spots in Karatsu.
 ■Breathtaking view from Uomidai Park.
 ■The view from Kagami Mt. is very popular. Especially night view is amazing!
 ■Amazing view of Nanatsugama by Ikamaru.
 ■Beautiful view from the ocean. Enjoy boat tour by Ami Cruise Club.
 ■The spectacular view of Genkai National Park from the sky by helicopter.

Sightseeing spots・events preview
■Special attraction of summer in Karatsu "The event of Washing Maku"
 ■Bon Tug of War in the sea will be held.
 ■ "The 29th Chinzei Summer Festival・Hadomisaki Fireworks Display in the cool of a summer evening.
 ■Cheers at the live! "Minato・Oasis Karatsu Port Festival"

 ■ATA Dayori
  ~Summer Holiday Homework Helping Group~

 ■Karatsu Ware Story
・The 17th Variety kinds of Karatsu Ware ~No.11:Hori Garatsu~
 ■If you spend a night in Karatsu, the breakfast should be OCHAZUKE! Ochazuke Retsuden No.4
  ・Seiriki Inn ~Yobuko fishermen's Tai Chazuke~
 ■Make the rounds of seven islands of Karatsu The 7th (the final)
  ~Madara Island~

 ■Karatsu Kunchi "The Kabuto of Takeda Shingen" The report of fixing and repainting Hikiyama floats
  ・Vol.6 "second coating"

 ■Karawan's diary(11)
  ・Saga prefecture house orange press caravan/Hawks Festival 2010
  ・Karawan in August Recommended event  "Saga Prefecture Tourist Fair Kansai Area PR"

Special Features:the spectacular view spots in Karatsu

■Breathtaking view from Uomidai Park.

The view from Uomidai Park

You can see Niji No Matsubara Pine Grove, Kagami Mt., and the sea of Genkai all at once from Uomidai Park, which is located on the hill of 177.6 meters above sea level.

Uomidai Park used to be the place for fishermen to watch schools of fish during Meiji to Taisho era. Presently, it's utilized as a park, and cherry blossom flowers or azaleas bloom beautifully in the season.
The Genkai sea, Niji No Matsubara Pine Grove, and Kagami Mt. are composing spectacular view, and you can see it from the observatory.

Also, the night view from there is even more attractive.
Come down to Uomidai Park and soak into natural environment.

【ADDRESS】 683-1 Fuchigami, Hamatama town, Karatsu City
【ACCESS】 about 15 min. from JR Hamasaki Station
【CONTACT】 Karatsu Tourism Association Hamatama Branch
Uomidai Park

■The view from Kagami Mt. is very popular. Especially, night view is amazing!

The view from the top of the mountain

The night view from Kagami Mt.

Kagami mountain is also called "Hirefuri mountain" from the legend.
It is the tragic love story of Matsuura Sayohime.
On the top of Kagami mountain, there is a 200-car parking lot.
Therefore, it is well known as popular driving course.
From the observatory, you can see the impressive view of Niji No Matsubara Pine Grove, rice fields behind it, and blue Karatsu bay.

Not so many people know about the beauty of night view.
The lights of the town and illuminated castle at night looks so lovely.
The path from the parking lot to the observatory is deserted at night, so we recommend you to go there with a group of people.

【CONTACT】 Information Counter at JR Karatsu Station

■Amazing view of Nanatsugama by Ikamaru.

Welcome to Nanatsugama!
Exciting moment!

The Nanatsugama Caves are made of erosion of waves and consist of seven caves.
They are great artworks created by nature.
The open space above Nanatsugama caves is covered with grass and perfect for a walk.
If you'd like to explore the caves, Ikamaru would be the perfect one!
It is the boat tour operated by Marinepal Yobuko.
It departs Yobuko bay and cruise around the sea of Genkai and take you to Nanatsugama Caves.
Let's get excited by Ikamaru boat tour!

【LOCATION】 Marinepal Yobuko
【ADDRESS】 Yobuko, Karatsu City
【HOURS】 about 40 min. boat ride
  【FEE】 Adult(J.H.S. student or older)...1,500yen
Child(E.S. student)...................750yen
* A infant is free per adult.
* Group discount is available for more than 10 people.
【CONTACT】 Marinepal Yobuko

■Beautiful view from the ocean. Enjoy boat tour by Ami Cruise Club.

Fantastic boat ride
(picture taken from the boat of Ami Cruise Club)
Ami Cruise Club provides you unforgettable boat ride.
You can see the wonderful view of Niji No Matsubara Pine Grove, illuminated Karatsu Castle, and more.
Ami Cruise Club considers any requests such as sunset cruise, party cruise,
business cruise, investigation, or whatever.

YAMAHA CR27 cruiser is used for the boat tour of Ami Cruise Club.
Clean bathroom is equipped on the boat.
Please feel free to bring in beverages and snacks.
The boat tour is shared service.
If you'd like private tour, please order charter service.

【LOCATION】 3-11-20 Futago, Karatsu City (In front of Miyazaki Realty)
【PARKING LOT】 three-car parking lot
  【QUOTA】   Minimum passenger:2 persons
Maximum passenger:8 persons
【FEES】 ・Beginner Cruise
 about 30 min. 2,500yen per person
・Niji No Matsubara Sightseeing Cruise
 about 40 min. 3,000yen per person
・My Cruise (operating experience)
 about 80min. 5,000yen per person
・Optional Cruise
 depends on the situation
【CONTACT】 To make reservation, please call  
          090-4513-6143(Captain Miyazaki)
YAMAHA CR27 Cruiser
Clean bathroom on the boat

■The spectacular view of Genkai National Park from the sky by helicopter

Unforgettable flight!

Have you experienced a helicopter ride?
Beautiful scenery of Genkai National Park is waiting for you!
At first, go on board at Kabeshima, Yobuko town.
It takes off and climbs straight in the air.
Then you can see the breathtaking ocean view underneath.
Three passengers can be on board per flight.
Let's take a flight and make wonderful memories.

■Sightseeing Tour Courses
Helicopter Tour
(Max. 3 pax.)
・S Course... Kazenomieruoka Park~Hadomisaki
(3~4 min. flight) 7,500yen
・A Course... Kazenomieruoka Park~Nanatsugama
'(5~6 min.flight) 12,000yen
・B Course... Nanatsugama~Kazenomieruoka Park~Hadomisaki
(Same as A+S Course 7~8 min. flight)15,000yen
・C Course... Kazenomieruoka Park~Karatsu~Nijinomatsubara~Nanatsugama
(13~15 min. flight)27,000yen
・D Course... Kazenomieruoka Park~Nanatsugama~Nijinomatsubara~Kagamiyama~Karatsu Castle~Hadomisaki
(same as C+S Course 20~22min.)40,000yen

Sightseeing spots ・events preview

■Special attraction of summer in Karatsu "The event of Washing Maku"

"The event of Washing Maku"
The scene of Karatsu Kunchi

The event of washing Maku is the special attraction of the summer in Karatsu.
You can hear the sound of Hikiyama Bayashi saying "Enya! Enya!" or "Yoisa! Yoisa!"
from the boat cruising the river slowly at night.
You can see it from riverside or bridges. Please come down and take a look at the event.

Komeya town (11th float) August 7 (Sat) 19:00~ 
Katana town (1st float) August 21 (Sat) 18:00~
Gofuku town (4th float) August 21 (Sat) 19:00~
Hon town (8th float) August 21 (Sat) 19:00~
【LOCATION】 Choda river, downstream of Matsuura river
【CONTACT】 Karatsu Tourism Association

■Bon Tug of War in the sea will be held.

Bon Tug of War in the sea
They pull huge rope.

Bon Tug of War in the sea (Kaichu Bon Tsunahiki) will be held at Hado, Chinzei town, Karatsu City on August 15.
Bon Tug of War in the sea is the traditional event and has a history of more than 400 years.
It was started by the order of Toyotomi Hideyoshi to heal the souls of soldiers and victims.
The people who pull the rope wear kimono called "Donsa" and run into the sea at the sound of the starter's drum.
The rope is 35 meters in length, and 40 centimeters in diameter.
When they have a tug of war in the sea, they look so valiant.
It is very rare event in Japan. Come and join us!

【LOCATION】 Hado Fishing Port, Hado, Chinzei Town, Karatsu City  
【DATE】 15 August (Sun), 2010
Children Tug of War 12:00~
 Adult Tug of War 12:30~
【CONTACT】 Industry Division Chinzei Branch
Karatsu City Hall  Phone:0955-53-7155

■"The 29th Chinzei Summer Festival・Hadomisaki Fireworks Display"

Chinzei Summer Festival・Hadomisaki Fireworks Display
memorable fireworks
Many events are scheduled.

The 29th Chinzei Summer Festival・Hadomisaki Fireworks Display" will be held at Hadomisaki.
Many events such as beach butt sumo, treasure hunting game, catching fish, tug of war in the sea are scheduled from 10am.
The fireworks display is scheduled at night, and about 2,500 fireworks will bloom in the night sky.
Let's make wonderful memories at Chinzei Summer Festival・Hadomisaki Fireworks Display.

【DATE】 August 28(Sat), 2010  
【LOCATION】 Hadomisaki, Chinzei Town, Karatsu City
《Schedule of the events》
Beach butt sumo   10:00~12:00   (Last-minute participation avail.)
Sea kayak nature observation 10:00~14:00 (E.S.student or older)
Treasure hunting game 10:00~15:00 (toddlers, E.S.1~2 grades)
Catching fish 12:00~14:30 (toddlers, E.S.student)
Tug of war in the sea 15:00~17:30 (adult, E.S.S. Last min. participation O.K.)
Hadomisaki singing contest 18:00~19:50
Hadomisaki fireworks display 20:00~
【SPONSOR】 Chinzei Town Summer Festival Executive Committee
【CONTACT】 Karatsu Tourism Association Chinzei Branch 


《Hamatama Fireworks Display》
【DATE】 August 6(Fri), 2010
【LOCATION】 Hamasaki Beach
【HOURS】 20:00~21:00
【AMOUNT】 1,300 fireworks
《The 29th Nanayama Summer Festival》
【DATE】 August 16(Mon), 2010
【LOCATION】 Nanayama・Narukami No Oka Park
【HOURS】 21:10~(Scheduled)
【AMOUNT】 300 fireworks (Scheduled)
《Kyuuragi Fireworks Display》
【DATE】 August 16(Mon), 2010
【LOCATION】 Nakashima, Kyuuragi town
【HOURS】 20:30~
【AMOUNT】 600 fireworks
《Chinzei Town Summer Festival・ Fireworks Display》
【DATE】 August 28(Sat), 2010
【LOCATION】 Hadomisaki
【HOURS】 20:00~20:50
【AMOUNT】 2,500 fireworks
The calendar of fireworks displays in Karatsu area 2010

■Cheers at the live! "Minato・Oasis Karatsu Port Festival"

The live on stage!
The audiences on the grass
In the confortable ocean wind, many people enjoy the live with beers at "Minato・Oasis Karatsu Port Festival" every year.
It's gradually getting popular and becomming more powerful than ever!
Variety kinds of music such as big bands of swing jazz like Glenn Miller and "Count" Basie, 60's pops,
The Ventures, animation songs are scheduled.
Additionally, many vendor booths will come out, so you can enjoy delicious local foods like hamburgers, sea products, Yakitori etc.....
The convenient shuttle bus will be served. (100yen O/W)
【DATE】 September 4th(Sat), 2010  15:00~20:00
【LOCATION】 The park right next to the ferry terminal (bound to Iki)
Higashi Ooshima, Karatsu City
【CONTACT】 Minato Oasis Yume Club Office
*Please utilize the suttle bus to avoid drunk driving.
(100yen O/W)


■ATA Dayori

~Summer Holiday Homework Helping Group~

Our "Summer Holiday Homework Helping Group" is receiving positive compliments!
Variety kinds of courses such as raising insects, zazen and shakyou experiences are scheduled.
Please feel free to contact us for details.
Zazen meditation

【SUMMARY】 Meeting at 9:30 am
Starting at 10:00 am
It takes about 2 hours.
【FEE】 around 1,000yen~
【CONTACT】 Karatsu Tourism Association ATA Division
Karatsu Yokabai Tabi Club
Phone: 0955-74-3611
 FAX: 0955-74-3612

■Karatsu Ware Story
The 17th Variety kinds of Karatsu Ware~No.11:Hori Garatsu~

<<photo by Kyouzan Kiln>> (Kagami, Karatsu City)
Hori Garatsu is one of the method of Karatsu Ware.
At first, make designs with a bamboo spatula or a plane while the clay is
still wet. After it got dried, pour Choseki glaze or Warabai glaze and
calcine. It's a Hori Garatsu bowl. Can you see the dent on it?

■If you spend a night in Karatsu, the breakfast should be OCHAZUKE!

Since February this year, 14 inns and hotels in Karatsu City have started
servicing special breakfast menu, Morning Karatsu Chazuke.
Only local products of Karatsu are used for it.
We are going to introduce original Ochazukes one by one.

Ochazuke Retsuden No.4
Seiriki inn "Yobuko fishermen's Tai Chazuke"


Seiriki inn is facing Yobuko bay, and the view from there is spectacular.
You'll feel like the inn is standing above the ocean.
They use only fresh seasonal food materials got in from local fishermen and farmers.
The owner himself takes charge of cooking.
"Yobuko Morning Market 7 color Kodawari breakfast" will be served to your room.
The delicious rice produced in Karatsu and fresh tai sashimi are used for Yobuko Fishermen's Tai Chazuke. Handmade miso from Minato and local materials compose tasty miso soup.
Zaru tofu is the original one of the inn.
The grilled dry fish is from Kabeshima.
The salted sea urchins are handmade of local fishermen.
The toasted seaweed nori is from Saga.
The seasonal vegetable juice is handmade of the inn.
The wonderful breakfast is served in your room with beautiful oceanview.
Please enjoy luxurious stay and breakfast at Seiriki inn.
【ADDRESS】 1672-2 Tononoura, Yobuko Town, Karatsu City
Phone: 0955-82-2311
 FAX: 0955-82-2319



■Make the rounds of seven islands of Karatsu

The 7th ~Madara Island~

In Karatsu City, there're seven islands called rainbow islands in the sea of Genkai.
Each island has its own characteristic.
We're going to introduce them one by one.
This time is the island of history and wild bird, "Madara Island".

●History of the island
Madara Island is the biggest island in Saga prefecture.
It has a long history.
It is said that there are signs of the presence of human beings on this island since the Old Stone Age.
The island was named "Madara shima=馬(horse)渡(cross)島(island)"
because it was the grazing land of Karatsu Clan's horses during Edo era.


●Madara Island Catholic Church
After the crackdown of Edo shogunate against Christians became more violent, many adherents moved from Nagasaki to Madara Island.
As a result, they made a small village.
Even now more than a half of the residents are Christians.
In 1929, a church in Hirado, Nagasaki prefecture was taken apart and brought to Madara Island and reassembled there.
It is a rare Italian style wooden building.
Everybody goes there Saturday night or Sunday morning to praise God.


●Sightseeing Spots of the Madara Island

The five deities are enshrined together at Madara Shrine.
The five deities include Sumiyoshi Shrine, Yasaka Shrine, Ooyamazumi Shrine, Kumano Shrine, and Madara Shrine.
The Ebisu Statue is sitting at Madara port as guardian deity.

The special products of the island are available at Madara Yume Koubou.
You can purchase local foods like handmade tofu, miso, and seaweed.
Madara Island rest-house is located by the ferry port, so please stop by while you wait for the boat.

●Access to the island
The regular boat "Yuusei Maru" makes four round-trips between Yobuko and
Nagoya and Madara Island. It takes for about 45 minutes from the port of
Yobuko and about 30 minutes from the port of Nagoya.
The fare is 840yen per adult.

【CONTACT】 Yuuseimaru (LLC.)

■Karatsu Kunchi "The Kabuto of Takeda Shingen" The report of fixing and repainting Hikiyama floats 

The nineth Hikiyama,
Takeda Shingen Kabuto

The annual grand festival of Karatsu Shrine, "Karatsu Kunchi" starts with "Honden sai" on 29 of October.
From 2 to 4 of November, the 14 Hikiyama floats and Hikikos in uniform cruise around the towns of Karatsu.
On the night of 2nd, the Hikiyama floats with lanterns look so fantastic.
On the 3rd of November, all the 14 floats are pulled into Otabisho.
It's called "Hikikomi."
It's so powerful and energetic, so the place is filled with many people.
On the 4th day, the floats cruise around the towns of Karatsu.
To protect the floats of Karatsu Kunchi, they are fixed and repainted in turn spending for ten months.

The nineth Hikiyama, "Takeda Shingen Kabuto" of Kiwata town is under maintenance for the first time in 26 years.
This time, we report series of the process of fixing.
In addition, the Hikiyama Body Shop was made in "Nishi No Mon Yakata" this year.
The artisans were invited there.
Visitors can see it fixing without admission fee.
It's the new sight-seeing spot.
 《Nishi No Mon Yakata Map》(Yahoo Map)

The Shika Mask
The Helmet & Visor
The Shikoro
The surface of Shikoro

Vol.6 "Under coating"

They repeated painting raw lacquer and polishing it over and over again.
After that, the process goes into the second coating.
It means they still keep on coating and polishing repeatedly.
It looks plain black and brick red color, however, the surface of the mask gradually gets shiny and smooth everytime they coat and polish it.
For the Shikoro parts, they made a test piece and attached a sheet of gold foil on it.
They polish it and see how the wave design comes out.

After the stage of under coating, second coating, and final coating,
"Attaching gold foil" starts in August.
Wave design test piece

The mask

■Karawan's Diary(11)
Hello! Everyone!
I went to Tokyo to advertize Saga greenhouse oranges on 24 of June.
It's the project of "Saga Prefecture Greenhouse Orange Press Caravan."
The production quantity of greenhouse oranges in Saga prefecture is No.1 in entire Japan.
Especially, the output of Karatsu region is more than anywhere else.

I visited several companies of the mass media in Tokyo.

Press Caravan & me!
Zoomin & Charmin & me!
Noppon & me!
"The Hawks Festival 2010 Mascot Festa" was held at Fukuoka Yahoo!
Japan Dome on July 20.
51 mascot characters from 44 groups got together all at once.

I was in red and advertized Karatsu!

●Karawan of the month!

Posing Karawan!!
The monument & me
Tanabata shot with kids!

Please don't forget to check Karawan's blog, too!

●Karawan in August Recommended event "Saga Prefecture Tourist Fair Kansai Area PR"

Saga Prefecture Tourism Fair will be held at NHK Osaka Broadcasting Hall on 28(Sat), 29(Sun) of August.
The Fair includes the presentation of sightseeing spots in Saga prefecture,
experiencing corner, panel exhibition, playing tourism DVD, the sale of local specialties from Saga prefecture, and quiz rally etc....

【DATE】 28(Sat), 29(Sun) of August 10:00~17:00
【LOCATION】 NHK Osaka Broadcasting Hall The Atrium Field

Waiting for you at NHK Osaka Broadcasting Hall!

一般社団法人 唐津観光協会