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Joyous Karatsu
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Karatsu City is located in Saga Prefecture on the island of Kyushu.
Surrounded by Genkai-sea and mountain.
History, Karatsu ware, beautiful nature, fresh seafood, magnificent festival and more can be offered to visitors.
It is just 1 hour and half from Fukuoka airport by train.
We are always waiting for you to visit.
Come and discovers it by your self.
 Karatsu Tourist Association
 Zip-code 847-0816
 2935-1 Shinko-machi,Karatsu-city
  Phone : 0955-74-3355
  Fax : 0955-74-3365
Karatsu Wide Area Map(pdf)

Karatsu Kunchi Festival
 November 2nd, 3rd and 4th

Hikiyama Parade Course & Time Table

  Tourist Spot  

Karatsu kunchi
■Karatsu Kunchi & Hikiyama Exhibition Hall
Karatsu Kunch is the prime festival of the Karatsu shrine, which has a history of 400 years.
The festival is held from the 2nd to the 4th of Nov yearly.

14 floats to go on the parade, and especially on the 2nd of Nov at night they move down the streets with lanterns, and it is called "Yoiyama".
Hikiyama Exhibition Hall
If you miss the festival, you still can see them at the Hikiyama Floats Exhibition Hall.

【Fee】 Adult 300yen
  Child 150yen

Karatsu Castle
■Karatsu Castle
【Fee】 Adult 400 yen
 Child 200 yen
【Hours】 9:00 to 17:00 
【Close】 12/29 to 12/31

Former Takatori Estate
■Former Takatori Estate
【Fee】 Adult 500 yen
 Child 250 yen
【Hours】 9:30 to 17:00 
【Close】 Monday

Accommodations News Letter Restaurants
Ryokan Wataya
■Ryokan Wataya

Phone : 0955-72-4181
Fax : 81-955-74-1870
Capacity : 60

Lodging Charges : 13,800Yen~
Web Site
Karatsu Royal Hotel
■Karatsu Royal Hotel

Phone : 0955-72-0111
Fax : 81-955-72-0120
Capacity : 736
S 8,000Yen~
T 22,000Yen~
Web Site
Hotel Sola
■Hotel Sola

Phone : 0955-72-3003    
Fax : 81-955-72-3004
Capacity : 72

Lodging Charges : 4,900Yen~

Web Site

Ryokan yoyokaku
■Ryokan Yoyokaku

Phone : 0955-72-7181    
Fax : 81-955-73-0604
Capacity : 80

Lodging Charges S 15,000Yen~

Web Site

The official promotional video of Saga Prefecture in Japan.
■Chinese New Year 2012
 International Parade in Hong Kong

  Karatsu Tourist Association
■Monthly Tourism Information of Karatsu City.



Deli cious Sushi and a variety of Japanese dishes

Phone : 0955-75-3425



Saga Beef Steak Restaurant

Phone : 0955-74-2326
Fax : 0955-74-6022

Karatsu Seaside Hotel

■Karatsu Seaside Hotel

Japanese western and Chinese lunch buffet style
Phone : 0955-75-3300
Fax : 0955-75-1885
Web Site

Yakitori & Dining Sumiemon

■Yakitori & Dining

Enjoy the worldwide music & alcohol with over 500 menus.
Phone : 0955-72-7705
Fax : 0955-72-6568
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